The Philosophy of Distraction

Wait... What was I talking about?

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i made this a month ago..
i’ll make the rest of the dance after my middle term exam end
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💎 on We Heart It -
Todd Sanfield
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This is either a gay wedding or a straight one with a selfish groom

i hope the top Groom is the top and the bottom one is the bottom
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'Meridian' Swim BriefsHeart it on Wantering and get an alert when it goes on sale.
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my brother’s being a fucking cunt; he’s also become quite pretentious wtf

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Read about this week’s cover, “Fifty-ninth Street Bridge,” by Eric Drooker:
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Guys… tiny Hannibal seems to have let himself out of his box.
You know what that means? HE’S GOING TO COMIC-CON!
We’re chronicling tiny Hannibal’s adventures to San Diego all week with the hashtag #EatTheCon on Twitter and Tumblr. Follow him along, watch out for clues and YOU could win your very own SDCC Exclusive Hannibal Funko Doll!
Details to come.